Record & Monitor Boxes

High Power Long Range Record & Monitor Boxes - Onboard Recordings and Long Range Producer Monitoring of up to 4 Record Boxes.

This custom solution can be used on any form of transport or situation where there is a local record element of Talent or FX Mics which can be both fixed rigged mics or wireless receivers in any combination of up to 10 inputs. All multi tracked recorded locally on ISO’s for post production mix with Wireless Time code receiver integration with other filming units and cameras. High power transmission for long range receiver with simple press and select from up to 4 seperate Record boxes up to 1Km away!

This was built for a Celebrity Rally shoot for the BBC crossing 3 countries with multiple Producers requiring to listen and content produce across multiple talent cars while driving 8000 Km across Asia intergrating with multiple crews. All recorder boxes were secured in the talent cars which proved itsef when one of the talent cars rolled and no recording equipment endangered the people on board.

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