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The SAB Network is a Peer to Peer Invitational Network drawn from an experienced pool of professionals working across the Industry working at the highest level across all areas of the business. Unlike an open-source database seen on many Social Media Platforms, or mass online crewing databases every member has been invited to join the Network. You can’t filter personality so the SAB Network does this for you. They have many years of experience so can technically manage your productions but importantly they are known and trusted and have all worked with each other and have a proven track record and good to work with taking away the unknowns of finding good crew for all your requirements. Many are award-winning and have operated globally for well over 10 years, worked for and understand how to deliver the highest quality in often high-pressure environments allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your productions and clients will be looked after. There is no charge to use the Crewing System which gives you real-time access to filter requirements and checks availability direct with the crew giving you all the information you require with a few simple clicks of a mouse button. If you want to join the network, please get in touch or if your a production company we can happily show you how it works and save you a huge amount of time finding the right people for your production with the additional support with our booking manager.

Use our basic or advanced search filter selection to find exactly what you’re looking for and make real-time availability checks.
Please Call our Booking Manager if you require further assistance. 01273 278293

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