Tim Sutton

If Carlsberg did Cameramen . . . .

I have been filming people and places pretty much day in day out for 20 years now - I take a lot of the experience that comes as second nature to me now for granted and I really put far too little effort into selling myself, contacting directors, updating my website or keeping my Insta hot ! But nonetheless I remain very busy and maintain a core of loyal clients who rely on me and I love working with. Many other freelancers often use me for cover as they know I can deliver great quality results for their clients and are a very safe pair of hands on all levels. I suppose I have an arty edge, and finessed beautiful lighting are probably my key skills when comparing to others. But that said I am more than happy shooting TV docs handheld using natural light as I am commanding large teams with complex rigs and scenarios on drama / commercial sets. I work with delightful regular crew too and we like to make sure shoot days are fun and cool - and that celebrities and contributors feel they are in good hands. And those that know me can attest we are always at the forefront of using the best gear too - no cheap stuff, no corner cutting. Attempt at sales pitch over ! I love working with new people as hard as it often is when faced with a demanding project we tend to go with people we know but Ideal be more than happy to chat through any job you might like to try me out on.

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