Rich Vaughan

Over 30 years experience within the Audio industry. My roles have included outside broadcasting live, studio supervisor, location sound recordist, dubbing mixer and sound assistant/engineer. I am happy to do any audio role required of me. I am a fluent Welsh speaker, a keen motorcyclist, I hold a full motorcycle and car license. I’m happy to work as part of a large or small crew, anywhere in the UK or abroad.

I started out in the audio industry some 30 odd years ago with a local PA company, from there I went to work
with a couple of well known Rock bands as a backline/guitar technician. I have been lucky enough to have
travelled quite extensively throughout my career.
I had just returned from Japan in 1992 and the band I was working with decided to stop touring for a few
months. As I do not like to be idle, I was offered a temporary runners job with a production company called
Agenda who have since become Tinopolis based in Llanelli. During my time as runner I was offered a position
as sound assistant. I worked my way up from Sound assistant, Sound Recordist, Dubbing Editor/Mixer,
Guarantee, Sound Supervisor to Head of Department. I designed and help build three of the Pro Tools based
dubbing suites. I stayed with Tinopolis for over 19 years before becoming freelance in 2012.
Experienced in live mixing, recording magazine type programmes, music, documentaries, sporting events, chat
shows, reality tv, cartoons etc.

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