Alasdair Mackay

I'm a Lighting Cameraman with 10 years of experience. My work has involved a wide variety of shoots from corporate dramas, promos and documentaries to actuality and entertainment.

In recent years I have been working on many different structured reality shows, these are both ongoing series's for E4 and ITV, both of which are award winning. My work has taken me all around Europe and the UK with various property and holiday shows. I've been involved with entertainment shows like the X Factor, BGT and The Apprentice, but i'm just as happy filming single camera interviews on the fly.

I am enthusiastic, hardworking and always looking to work on new and interesting projects. I believe I have exemplary organisational and communicative skills, along with my positive outlook on life that I feel i bring to any production. This approach to my work has helped me be successfully and enabled me to complete countless challenging and diverse productions.

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