Wireless RF

In an increasingly difficult RF World, Sabsound is able to offer clients the expertise and equipment to take care of their wireless requirements on any scale using RF Technicians who are used to working on some of the most demanding environments such as Formula 1, The Olympics or PGA Golf events.

We can supply the latest wireless equipment on a dry hire basis or as a complete bespoke solution like we have for many Rig Shows such as CH4’s award winning show “Secret Lives of 4, 5 & 6 Year Olds”, “Spies” and “Bromans”. We can supply large multi-channel systems over large distances utilising RF over Fibre and multi channel IEM Systems and Coms. We are able to do full site Spectrum Analysis and work with the Frequency Licensing authority to secure your production or event is able to operate. We also offer the latest wide band Radio Mics for PSC Kits, Camera Links and other portable systems. Feel free to call us to discuss your technical requirements.

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